watch this, robocop!

Orlando & I bought a $1 DVD from WalMart not too long ago & to our surprise, it turned out to be hilarious! I highly recommend this movie to anyone with a sense of humor... gotta love the 90's (this is from `91). why is it that every movie from and around this time period needed a dance sequence in it?! regardless, it went above&beyond my expectations -- 5 stars, most definitely! here's a few clips i've been laughing endlessly at through youtube... but for the real belly aching effects, you MUST watch the entire film.

how can you NOT want to see this after i've teased you with these videos?
the movie is called Breathing Fire so get it ASAP. if you're unsatisfied, i'll refund you & then buy you a Twilight movie ticket instead (don't even get me started).

on another note, yesterday, Jeet & I worked out intensely for 2+ hours and now my body is pissed at me. i swear, every muscle i call my own is aching in its own way. sitting down hurts and if i even think about lifting my arms up/my hands up over my head, i might just tear apart. even though i feel this terrible, there's something about it that i love... it makes me want to do it over & over again. now, i'm not new to the exercises we did, i suppose it was only because we did so much at one time. i'm in pain but i'm happy about it -- i almost wish it wouldn't leave.


20... in a nutshell.

(to me...)


Happy December!

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Happy Birthday to me.
Merry Christmas (too?)