some time

yeah it's been some time.
yesterday i arrived back from Hawaii... more on that later.
but for now...

aren't relationships supposed to be reciprocal?
i thought i was done with these but i guess i'm not.
"female issues" [laugh it out]
it's bad to be labeled a "female" .. yeah?

i want to scream. SO? WHAT THE FUCK? AND?
sacrifice, respect, loyalty, and trust.

i want to check them all off.

before these entries turn into a replica of 07, i should just take really, really, really, really deeeeeeeep breaths.
this is rational. i shouldn't feel like i need to meet someone/some group's standards. what happened?

see-saw, not a balance. i'm too much. i'm too much. i'm too much.
you said it yourself.

these have roots.

i should flip the switch.
catch it from the other side.