Billy Mays
July 20, 1958 - June 28, 2009


a week in threes


Ed McMahon
March 6, 1923 – June 23, 2009
Farrah Fawcett
February 2, 1947 - June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson
August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009


SR; the average american male

finished the book i bought yesterday this morning but i had to take a break last night because of some... certain circumstances. anyway, the title is the average american male by chad kultgen & it was the realest book i've ever read (i have no better way of putting it). easy read, light, and targeted for my generation, it still had little lessons i think i'll carry with me. despite the constant references to sex and cussing every other line, i genuinely liked it and recommend it to anyone who doesn't get offended easily. besides, i think that kinda stuff is a good change from all the seriousness we're all too tangled in.


a note:

if you see this cat on the streets, it's because i put him there.


where the streets sparkle

being home has it's perks. for one, it's most likely my day off and my schedule consists of absolutely nothing. and then, my parents feed me! it's a stretch but they do that when i'm in richmond.. however, eating their food, instead of using money they give me to eat my own food, is very different. i miss their cooking and almost wish i could recreate it when they're not around (i've tried, i'm terrible). i love spending time with my family, especially my nieces and nephew, because it hurts not being around 24/7 to watch them all grow up -- these are the times i know i'll miss the most. to top it all off, i feel like there's nothing to worry about: no dirty dishes, no laundry, no cat hair, no missed meals, no loud neighbors at 4am, no random fuckers stealing my tags, no weekly shoot-offs at new york fried chicken, no dirty old men following me down the street (no men at all following me down the street), and most of all, i feel safe in the sense that i'm surrounded by people i know will keep me safe.

home is where the heart is.


what's up?!

stay tuned, pictures from the last week will be up soon. finally got my new camera and i've been practicing. no promises, and definitely nothing to rave about, but eye candy nonetheless.



i'm going home today :)

just for the record, yesterday was the longest day of my life. i worked 11-10, running on 3 hours of sleep. it. sucked. balls.


dollars & counting

9am, closer to 10.
i had a great sleep, no interruptions.
yesterday, my credit card came in.
spent so much money,
but reality is,
i planned ahead for this...
and i was 7/8 responsible.
i am.
(i credit my frugal upbringing)
purchases are not done yet.
come 2pm, Luda will be
running around RVA
and getting shit together.
what's up??!

+++ i can't wait till THURSDAY. +++



Watched this last night with Orlando. in a crowded theater, there's always that one person whose laugh virtually silences everyone else's. yeah, we were blessed enough to sit a row in front of HIM. his laugh was so high pitched that we assumed it was a woman... but we were wrong... it was a man... short, young, and asian. can't say i was annoyed; i think i have him to thank for making the movie that much more enjoyable. ha!

great movie, worth seeing.


a tangent off of tangents

it's June already which means we are officially halfway through 2K9. can you believe it? i hate realizing so much time has past...

only a few more days until i make  some big dollar purcha$es, one of which is a camera... ooo! but all's a secret for now, just stay tuned.

i'm in Orlando's basement... he left me to go to the Wale concert. no hard feelings, i've been glued to the 360 but now my eyes are fogged up & i may or may not be half asleep (how do you judge that?). 

last night, Goshen hosted a full crowd. mind you, it was only about 8 people, but my place is tiny and these folks are not. all the boys measure well over 6 feet. i'm the midget. 

the heat's getting disgusting. why is humidity allowed to be paired with high temperature? it's bad for certain plants, certain hairstyles, and certain personalities, like mine. plus we all know that the heat makes us tired. to be tired leads to laziness = low productivity = wasted time.

i'll end this with my new favorite quote inspired by the episode of Family Guy where they made fun of Stephen King movies, "what the fuck IS a hollaback girl?!!?!" - O.W.W. well, i never thought about it either...