where the streets sparkle

being home has it's perks. for one, it's most likely my day off and my schedule consists of absolutely nothing. and then, my parents feed me! it's a stretch but they do that when i'm in richmond.. however, eating their food, instead of using money they give me to eat my own food, is very different. i miss their cooking and almost wish i could recreate it when they're not around (i've tried, i'm terrible). i love spending time with my family, especially my nieces and nephew, because it hurts not being around 24/7 to watch them all grow up -- these are the times i know i'll miss the most. to top it all off, i feel like there's nothing to worry about: no dirty dishes, no laundry, no cat hair, no missed meals, no loud neighbors at 4am, no random fuckers stealing my tags, no weekly shoot-offs at new york fried chicken, no dirty old men following me down the street (no men at all following me down the street), and most of all, i feel safe in the sense that i'm surrounded by people i know will keep me safe.

home is where the heart is.

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