let's go treasure hunting.

third exam was today... i think i did alright, hopefully. then the last one is Monday! ahhh i'm so excited. another factor to my happiness is the return of MANGO SALSAAAAA! oh Lord... one job feeds me, the other clothes me.

it's supposed to rain tomorrow and saturday :( how geeehhay. but next week will welcome us all to freedom with clear skies and 70 degree weather! now i can put all my dresses into good use. hiphophurray!!!

can someone please buy me a GEOCACHING KIT?!! i'm basically asking for a hand-held GPS and a shovel.. maybe a sun hat and some hand sanitizer should you feel extra generous... if you haven't ever heard of Geocaching, there is more info on this website. treasure hunting all over the world?! people just hiding cute knick-knacks everywhere for others to find. sounds way too fun. i think it'd be the greatest thing to have this summer... besides mango salsa. one down, eh?


i still hate myself.

besides performing a 7 week disappearing act, a few things have happened.

i know, i know... it's been forever! i've updated the many blogs i have floating around the internet but i seem to be most attached to this one (if that even holds any meaning). maybe it's because it has more heart than the rest of them -- meaning, more entries. whatever the reason is, i'm back and this is most likely the one to stay.

as of the end of March, i've been blessed with a second and even more beneficial job than THE Q (dun dun duuuuun). you can find me at Victoria's Secret! the sad and harsh but 100% true reality: i've spent more than i've been paid. YIKES! i'm trying to take care of that by convincing myself that i don't need what i want and indulging in material items is a shallow, conceited, and wasteful habit to live with... but what can i say? i'm young and stupid. stupid, stupid, stupid. but on the plus +++ side, i've been responsible enough to say no to a bulk of things & also use more than 50% of my check(s) to pay off my credit card. daddy, i AM learning!

this week is finals week & with one heavy sigh of relief, i can say that by this time next week, i'll be FREE! i've already taken 2 finals so 2 more to go! regretfully, i didn't do as well as i could have liked this semester... blah&yadda --- same ol' shit. truth is, i need someone to talk to! my life is so jumbled that even though i haven't written much in this entry so far, it's dawning on me how much i need to get done. i just want someone i can spill my guts & insecurities out to and get useful feedback without negative judgement. i'll be a 3rd year college student come fall & haven't officially declared my major. pathetic... or maybe i'm reaching for something too far in the dark. i have my own issues to work out.

over the weekend, Orlando and I took frequent trips around Richmond city, baby. i love it here, i really do. life is good. we went downtown, to the river/Oregon Hill (future home!), the Fan, backroads... there's so much culture here, it's hard to fully grasp. the variations in attitudes, depending on which area you so happen to be in, is mind boggling. i'm from Virginia Beach which is perfect for suburban living -- mom/dad & kids, but where is the thickness & substance of life down there? i can sincerely say that i've met good people here... people with things to offer me. a whole new mindset was only 100 miles from home. whether or not school hands me that golden job we're all fighting for, i'll know where i truly learned the most.

lighter subject/eye KandEE: Saturday, Sherita and i started the party early... come 3pm, we were drunk and playing basketball at the block party down the street. free food, music... hahah. Jasmina picked Orlando up as a favor (thanks again!) and we chilled all day till 3am. i forgot how cool she was! hahaha.... i don't even remember her taking this picture. GONE like whoa.

until next time.<3