let's go treasure hunting.

third exam was today... i think i did alright, hopefully. then the last one is Monday! ahhh i'm so excited. another factor to my happiness is the return of MANGO SALSAAAAA! oh Lord... one job feeds me, the other clothes me.

it's supposed to rain tomorrow and saturday :( how geeehhay. but next week will welcome us all to freedom with clear skies and 70 degree weather! now i can put all my dresses into good use. hiphophurray!!!

can someone please buy me a GEOCACHING KIT?!! i'm basically asking for a hand-held GPS and a shovel.. maybe a sun hat and some hand sanitizer should you feel extra generous... if you haven't ever heard of Geocaching, there is more info on this website. treasure hunting all over the world?! people just hiding cute knick-knacks everywhere for others to find. sounds way too fun. i think it'd be the greatest thing to have this summer... besides mango salsa. one down, eh?

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