we're too caught up in ourselves that we forget little bits of wisdom we should carry at all times. i'm in love with this blog, i love what they do, and it made me feel loads better in less than 20 minutes.


the intro to a good weekend?

i had a pretty bad week which is not in anyway limited to the following list: i was sick for 24 hours, late to work twice, only had one day at VS, was stood up, not enough sleep, weird fuckers blowin' my phone, cats pissed in the tub, miss my family, mysterious cuts & bruises, losing touch with person(s), and my banks says i owe them money (f*you).

so i'm searching for that magical weekend where there's a possibility i'll wake up somewhere unfamiliar and not know my way back home...
last night i was at a party that got crashed and the guy just kept yelling at the police... basically going in circles but he hit these points head on: "you all are just a bunch of cheaters! you're all liars!"
WHAT? HA. let's hope this is a sign.

the next few weeks are going to be different. i'm excited.

all i want.


home away from home away from home.

i went up to nova for some boolubbin' friday night so yours truly was there over the weekend. driving alone is so... lonely. try that 89 cent chicken burrito from taco bell yet? shit's deee-licious and CHEAP. kinda makes me wonder what they're using besides Grade D meat but it's light on my wallet so i'm not stressin too much.

HOW-thefuck-EVER, i AM stressing about the no-call-no-show i had at work today. it was an honest mistake but i haven't called the manager who was on shift yet... and it's been 12 hours! in the year that i've been with them, this has never happened to me before so i hope they love me enough to let this one slide. hope, hope, hoping.

if i stop caring, will that make me a bad person?
will it save me from bad people?



i feel weird around you.
i have a weird feeling about you.

golden kinda day.

shoutoutz to my man mpDaZzLe! our chill time is few and far between but he had me laughing to tears today!! it's always nice to reconnect with old friends, and in this particular case... oooold meaning 3rd grade -- over a decade. try not to burn bridges.

i've decided to add to my list of things i wanna get done before i die (that's not the actual name, but you get the point). on the travel channel is a show called Growing Up... that features the life of baby elephants. apparently, they love watermelon... and so do i! so sometime in my life, i'd wanna share a watermelon with a baby elephant. one step further into this idea would be to actually own that baby elephant as a pet. yeah? yeah?
but i'm a terrible pet owner, and i can accept and live up to that.

i'm tired of being judged wrongly.
i don't put myself out there to look for trouble
and i'm hardly the type to worry about.
my actions are honorable -- i shouldn't feel bad.


what goes on at 5AM?

I'm suffering from insomnia... sort of. i've been trying to get my life together and sleep early (before 2am) but it's backfiring. i fell asleep halfway through the game, woke up around 3 something and now am wide awake nitpicking this blog. it's still not what i want it to look like, but i figure it'll get there sooner or later.

today, or yesterday rather, was a good day. another BEFFY day (if you're unfamiliar with the term, it's similar to 'BFF' but better). has anyone ever watched The Uninvited? it had an okay twist at the end which saved the movie, in my opinion, but i hate watching stupid people in horror flicks. i just catch myself yelling at them... Max & Steven came over and that was fun. but as i was hanging out with everyone outside of my building, i was flooded with the urge to go and buy a decent camera. sadly, Zee, the Sony, is in Oklahoma with the popsz and i have nothing to document my days with.

1. a sketch by Max & Steven 2. flowers in Springfield 3. our initials on a tree 4. perfect example of how O & I feel about taking pictures together


this is new but...

i'm so in love with this name that i'm transferring all my old blog posts from ludaconsay.livejournal.com here. i'll probably only pick the ones that matter and this should be regular very soon.


*** 10:32 AM

notice: anything posted below this entry was just added from my old blog.




plant a garden.

chance of rain (again) but clear skies for now. it's gorgeous outside & i'm going exploring! it's practically rained all through April.. but as the saying goes, April Showers Bring May Flowers. oh, i loveeee flowers.

that's actually something i wanted to cross off my list today: buy and tend to a plant. maybe i'll go with a giant sunflower or an orchid. it doesn't matter. i'm in such a great mood, i can hardly give a shit what i'm planting... watermelon?!

there's a lot of things i don't need in my life.
so.... i'm getting rid of 'em.


summer wishes.

I've decided to search for a third job, most likely waitress-ing, in hopes for saving money toward an end-of-the-summer vacation. I wanna travel somewhere new --- by myself. travelocity is giving me good ideas & i think i'm leaning in favor to somewhere tropical. Hawaii is my first choice but we'll see what happens. wherever i decide on going, it's a given: i'm going to have to be FRUGAL AS SHIT with all the money i make now. haaaaaa, what a challenge... lyke omg 4realz.
i'm not into the Florida scene too much but sherita offered me a vay-cay to Miami with some friends. i'd love to go but it's too early for me and they're gonna be hittin on chicas all day so we might throw off their game.

speaking of games....

playoff game, ROCKETS VS. LAKERS! unbelievable. probably the best game i've ever watched. there was a long stretch of "mob mentality" in the apartment which most likely hyped it x1000 but good game, nonetheless. i never get worked up watching sports unless i have a team to root for and thanks to Marcus, i had my loyalty to the lakers. Jay came over and intensified the yelling more, then Max & his buddies added to our screaming. the game had fights, ejections, and twisted shit. Kobe's sneaky, but that muthrfckr can play, no lie. he knows "[they] can't hold [him]!"


"HOW IN THE WORLD DID HE DO THAT?!" <-- i'm saaaayinnnn!

Fisher is so dense...
DIRTY. but i can't even get mad!

more than epic game.


humor me.

check for updates, blog posts, add them on facebook/twitter...
because i'd do it for you :)

today marks my first day of summer.
wow, this semester sucked. but... moving on...


Ahem.... My name is Orlando. For those who dont know me, im the boyfriend of the notorious Luda, aka Ludabagel aka Bagel aka Lil' Phili.
First and foremost i would like to notify everyone that in these next few months the author of this blog will become enslaved for the well-being of my personal project. Due to the size of this project, her freetime will be consumed leaving her to do nothing on her own free will. MUAHAHA! Jk
These next few months are going to be awesome and im looking forward to her contributions to what im doing, as well as anyone else involved.
Oh and by the way. Why dont you upload more of your pictures and videos on here. Theyre awesome!