golden kinda day.

shoutoutz to my man mpDaZzLe! our chill time is few and far between but he had me laughing to tears today!! it's always nice to reconnect with old friends, and in this particular case... oooold meaning 3rd grade -- over a decade. try not to burn bridges.

i've decided to add to my list of things i wanna get done before i die (that's not the actual name, but you get the point). on the travel channel is a show called Growing Up... that features the life of baby elephants. apparently, they love watermelon... and so do i! so sometime in my life, i'd wanna share a watermelon with a baby elephant. one step further into this idea would be to actually own that baby elephant as a pet. yeah? yeah?
but i'm a terrible pet owner, and i can accept and live up to that.

i'm tired of being judged wrongly.
i don't put myself out there to look for trouble
and i'm hardly the type to worry about.
my actions are honorable -- i shouldn't feel bad.

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