the intro to a good weekend?

i had a pretty bad week which is not in anyway limited to the following list: i was sick for 24 hours, late to work twice, only had one day at VS, was stood up, not enough sleep, weird fuckers blowin' my phone, cats pissed in the tub, miss my family, mysterious cuts & bruises, losing touch with person(s), and my banks says i owe them money (f*you).

so i'm searching for that magical weekend where there's a possibility i'll wake up somewhere unfamiliar and not know my way back home...
last night i was at a party that got crashed and the guy just kept yelling at the police... basically going in circles but he hit these points head on: "you all are just a bunch of cheaters! you're all liars!"
WHAT? HA. let's hope this is a sign.

the next few weeks are going to be different. i'm excited.

all i want.

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