what goes on at 5AM?

I'm suffering from insomnia... sort of. i've been trying to get my life together and sleep early (before 2am) but it's backfiring. i fell asleep halfway through the game, woke up around 3 something and now am wide awake nitpicking this blog. it's still not what i want it to look like, but i figure it'll get there sooner or later.

today, or yesterday rather, was a good day. another BEFFY day (if you're unfamiliar with the term, it's similar to 'BFF' but better). has anyone ever watched The Uninvited? it had an okay twist at the end which saved the movie, in my opinion, but i hate watching stupid people in horror flicks. i just catch myself yelling at them... Max & Steven came over and that was fun. but as i was hanging out with everyone outside of my building, i was flooded with the urge to go and buy a decent camera. sadly, Zee, the Sony, is in Oklahoma with the popsz and i have nothing to document my days with.

1. a sketch by Max & Steven 2. flowers in Springfield 3. our initials on a tree 4. perfect example of how O & I feel about taking pictures together


  1. i read ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL your blogs lol
    that was fun, your so crazy. Im happy you have a blogger :D

  2. phew. For a second there i though i would have to break my monitor from seeing myself. But i see you cropped me out.
    You saved everyone a strain on their eyes.