home away from home away from home.

i went up to nova for some boolubbin' friday night so yours truly was there over the weekend. driving alone is so... lonely. try that 89 cent chicken burrito from taco bell yet? shit's deee-licious and CHEAP. kinda makes me wonder what they're using besides Grade D meat but it's light on my wallet so i'm not stressin too much.

HOW-thefuck-EVER, i AM stressing about the no-call-no-show i had at work today. it was an honest mistake but i haven't called the manager who was on shift yet... and it's been 12 hours! in the year that i've been with them, this has never happened to me before so i hope they love me enough to let this one slide. hope, hope, hoping.

if i stop caring, will that make me a bad person?
will it save me from bad people?

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