summer wishes.

I've decided to search for a third job, most likely waitress-ing, in hopes for saving money toward an end-of-the-summer vacation. I wanna travel somewhere new --- by myself. travelocity is giving me good ideas & i think i'm leaning in favor to somewhere tropical. Hawaii is my first choice but we'll see what happens. wherever i decide on going, it's a given: i'm going to have to be FRUGAL AS SHIT with all the money i make now. haaaaaa, what a challenge... lyke omg 4realz.
i'm not into the Florida scene too much but sherita offered me a vay-cay to Miami with some friends. i'd love to go but it's too early for me and they're gonna be hittin on chicas all day so we might throw off their game.

speaking of games....

playoff game, ROCKETS VS. LAKERS! unbelievable. probably the best game i've ever watched. there was a long stretch of "mob mentality" in the apartment which most likely hyped it x1000 but good game, nonetheless. i never get worked up watching sports unless i have a team to root for and thanks to Marcus, i had my loyalty to the lakers. Jay came over and intensified the yelling more, then Max & his buddies added to our screaming. the game had fights, ejections, and twisted shit. Kobe's sneaky, but that muthrfckr can play, no lie. he knows "[they] can't hold [him]!"


"HOW IN THE WORLD DID HE DO THAT?!" <-- i'm saaaayinnnn!

Fisher is so dense...
DIRTY. but i can't even get mad!

more than epic game.

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