in a box, and at the riot.

i feel like i'm trapped in something way too routine. my weeks have been flying by but only because it's gotten so monotonous lately. there are the occasional good moments here and there but there's nothing left for me to do. maybe my seasonal depression is kicking in, but it's too soon to say since the weather can't make up its own mind. here in richmond, i feel displaced from everything. it's only been like this for a couple of months because last year was such drastic change from virginia beach. i don't know what i wanna do in any aspects so i feel entirely too itchy.

(new favorite)
i figured i'd post some pictures to lighten the mood. my internet isn't throwing an attitude problem so that's nice. yesterday i went through an unbearable headache... must've been because i was yelling at the cats so damn much.

tuesday night was insane! after the news about Obama being the president elect, VCU went crazy. about 5,000 people ran outside and blocked off Main St, Belvidere, and Broad (sherita & i were on broad). the cops weren't even doing anything, the news said they were happy about the riots. people were climbing poles, jumping on cars, playing drums, and chanting for obama. i've never been in one of those before, reeeeally super cool -- for lack of better adjectives. [[ bad picture, but i'll try to get videos up. they're better quality. ]]

i feel ugly. soooo, turbo time.

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