on the road again

my body is sore all over. this is an awesome feeling, no lie.

i'm going home again today. when i decide to drive, it becomes serious business. i'm either driving down the street for 2 minutes or across cities for 2 hours -- i've gotten used to sitting down and staring at roads. today will be a rushed & hectic kind of day.. i get paid & i have to get down to VB by 3 for an oil change meaning i'll either have to hurry to the bank before class, after class, or after my appointment so i'll have enough time to buy speez's baby shower gift. it's a boy... i've never had to shop for one! :) he's definitely going to be spoiled hahah.

this is my favorite part of driving in the fall.
when the leaves change color
and there are still hints of green left...
like summer is trying to remind us that
it actually did exist.
... and it'll come again.

people become so wrapped up in their lives that they see things idealistically. sometimes we have to step outside of ourselves and look at how others see us before we lose any potential greatness. i forget that... how much can a person take before they realize a better something was there all along? in the past few days, however, i've been more concerned about this than anything else. where's my life going? "why?" the why why why's. maybe i'm not emotional or sensitive, maybe i'm only human.
being human has it's limitations.

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