sickness pt. II (and small rants)

i'm feeling worse! i've washed my hands so many times my skin feels like a raisin (middle finger to work). that's my smallest problem. the regular symptoms for a cold, flu, or whatever have taken over my body... maybe i jinxed myself?

this cat needs to be distempered before i throw him out the window.

HAPPY [belated] BIRTHDAY to my favorite 4 year old niece, Elly.
I miss you, babyboo -- Tita Bus has a present coming for you :)

today i got in a small, but still annoying, confrontation with my boss. early in my shift he told me to finish the sweet tea and the new manager in training said, or what i heard, "it's done." so i let it go, assuming it was finished.. to my surprise, it was NOT and when i defended myself saying she had gotten to it before i did, she said.. "oh no honey, i said, 'i done finish'" --> translation, "oh no honey, i said, I DIDN'T FINISH."

fuck America and its inability to form coherent, grammatically correct sentences.

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